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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
5:51 pm - Hmmm...

Okay, what other characters aside from Domino and David are in need of a story line?

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6:02 am - Tagline and David

"Anything goes, don't enter here unless you are a leather laden chatter!" was the Dungeon's old slogan.

Personal's B was "Come in here if you're crazy" or "Come in here if your crazy" I don't remember how they spelled it. So the tagline for this journal is actually closer to that of B than of the Dungeon.

I need a storyline for David. I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do with him but I have a few things that I want to do eventually.

I want to have him meet someone else and fall in love, even though it would be pretty difficult for him to do so since he still loves Cassandra just the same as he did when they were married. He told her he'd try to move on though. Right now he's in a state of depression because he knows he can't have her back, at least until Grimlock dies (which he doesn't want to happen, because he likes and respects Grim, is grateful to him for helping to defend him and his family in the past, and also knows that he makes Cassandra happy) and David's made some MAJOR changes to his own demeanor, such as not being so darn childish in some ways. Even then, he might not have a chance. Yet he can't move on either. He's stuck in limbo.

He's the Fate of Playfulness, and so he maintains that facade of playfulness, but inside he feels like he's in torment. Even after the years of separation it's like a fresh wound. If it was anyone of lesser caliber in character, etc. than Grim David probably would have fought harder, but he knew that Grim was worthy of Cass. If it had been someone like, for example, one of our powerful and malicious vampires, it wouldn't have mattered how powerful the being was, David would have died to try to stop them from marrying Cassandra.

When Grim isn't around he feels it's his place to protect and defend Cass, even though she gets upset with him about it. At least he has some freedom though, because he can't be banned to any couches these days. On the other hand he doesn't want to alienate and upset her, because he still wants a friendship with her, and wants to be able to keep his promise to Grim and Cass that he made to them a few years ago about defending with his life any children they might have. He intends to do that and also to help them learn some games.

He's interested in keeping Moira from harming Vladdy, but in the end that's really Vladdy's storyline.

I might want to do a storyline where David becomes temporarily corrupted/evil, but this would be difficult to accomplish for a few reasons.

1. Most importantly David was raised by... of course... Domino! As Spike described Domino, he's a big "white hat." He strives to have his family be good and uncorrupted. He fought very hard for this time and time again. He would have passed on his good values to David, or at least made a strong effort, and most of it did stick.

2. David's got more angelic blood than demonic blood. Kylah is a closer relative than Lord War, therefore if anything, David's more prone to a fit of extra goodness than to one of even temporary evilness. If David were to go temporarily evil, then Kylah's blood would have to be supressed and at the same time Lord War's amplified.

3. David's the Fate of Playfulness. Causing pain and misery isn't playful unless it's done in that context, and it's hard to inspire playful feelings in people who aren't feeling well. He can't change his job, though he could conceivably set up scenarios in which the misery was part of the game. Sort of like having a lot of equipment suddenly disappear when you hit a MUD death trap (Darn I hate those things).

There are a few reasons why David might be prone to being corrupted:

1. He carries Lord War's blood. Even if diluted through the generations, and even though it's outweighed by Kylah's blood in some respects, it's there, it's a part of David, and can't be removed. It must influence him in some way sooner or later.

2. He was born corrupt. Thanks to the curse of Ravage upon Angel, Angel was a type of vampire when the twins David and Thera were conceived, and this rather nasty trait was passed down to them when they were born. Angel and Domino later took steps to thoroughly purify them, but David's first meal was the blood of his mother, and the taste of blood can do... odd... things to him even now, even though he was completely healed of the condition. The good news being he has no desire to drink blood.

3. David is a Fate. Fates are cursed, or so Jennifer told me. The main curse being their burden, their job that they can't change. Perhaps if David had to choose between fulfilling his duty and following his morals, it might be an interesting situation.

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Monday, September 5th, 2005
2:21 am - The Dungeon Forever

Let's make the D thrive ^_^

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2:09 am - PR...

Geeze, we have such a lively community board.

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
12:03 am - Welcome post

Howdy everyone; welcome to our sorta message board if you will have it.

Post any questions, suggestions, ect. Here.

Also, just post to say hullo! Let the rest of us know your here.

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